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Monday, 16 July 2012

Really looking forward to playing duo with pianist Jonathan Katz this Saturday evening.

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Solo Trumpet....

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Sansa Festival in Morioka, Japan. Sansa is the largest festival in the Tohoku region of Japan. Four nights of parades, taiko drumming and beautiful kimonos was a great opportunity for taking photos. I took around 2000 photos and you can see my favorites in this gallery.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Feb. 1


今週の木曜日(2/4)は、できることならいつもやっていたいタイプのライヴをやります。私達(私のクインテット)は数年前東京で録音したCD、「...And Now The Bad News」より私のオリジナル曲を演奏します。さらに、ライヴの模様がNTTぷらら/ひかりTVのジャズ番組用にビデオ撮影されます。ひと月ほどでひかりTVにて観ることができるかと思います。


今度私達が演奏する曲は1990年代、私が喉頭がんでトランペットが吹けなかった時に書いたものです。いろんな医者にもうトランペットは二度と吹けないんだからあきらめなさいと言われたその時です、自分にとって一番大事なことは創造することだ、と気づいたのは。トランペットが最重要なのではありません。カメラを持ってきれいな写真を撮ること、絵を描いたり詩を書いたりでもいいのです。創造することが一番大事です。このCDの曲達は、ガンというリアルな人生経験を音楽を通して描こうとした試みです。例えば、「No Way Out Of This」は音楽を通して、心が健康なのに死んでゆく体の中に自分が閉じ込められたという感情を表そうとした曲です。私が初めてそう感じたのは、1991年の秋、病院のベッドで夜中の3時に外の雪を見ながら自分の置かれた状況を考えた時です。しばらくの間パニックに陥り、逃げ出したいと思った。でもそれはバカげていました。どうしたって逃げられませんから。眼球据えてしっかり状況に向き合い、闘うしかなかった。この曲を演奏する時は、もちろん仲間にこの状況を説明し、彼らも自分が同じ状況に陥ったら、と想像してもらいます。グループが一つになって音楽を通してその感情を描き出すことに成功することがあります。できない時もありますが。創造する、それだけです・・・。
Just got home from doing an "event" gig for another "famous" company. It's one of those days as a musician I seriously consider changing careers. But, I know I never will finish playing trumpet. I just have to make sure that I do enough creative projects to keep myself fulfilled and at the same time "make a living."

On Thursday (2/4), I'll be doing one of those gigs that I'm always hoping to do. We (my quintet) will be playing original compositions of mine from a CD I recorded in Tokyo a few years ago called ...And Now The Bad News. In addition we will be video taping the gig for the new NTT PLALA/Hikari TV Jazz Channel. Hopefully, you will be able to see our video on Hikari TV in about 1 month.

Joining me on Thursday will be Pat Hallaran on trombone, Yuichi Inoue (piano), Ryuichi Yamamura (bass) and Mike Reznikoff (drums). These guys are all great players and of course, that's a big reason I have them on the gig. But the real reason is because of their soul, sensitivity and ability to create and communicate and listen to each other. For me, putting a band together is kind of like cooking. It's important to really think about what you want in the end...have a vision. Go  shopping and try to find the best ingredients possible. Then, the real fun begins. Developing the taste.....creating a "band sound"....creating an identity takes time. You can't rush it. Maybe it takes months or even years. So? It doesn't matter. What's important is the process. Number of customers, dealing with unhappy club owners, etc are problems that will always be there. I just have to make sure not to let that get in the way of creating. It's all about creating something original.

The songs we will be playing were written in the 1990's when I couldn't play trumpet because of throat cancer. It was then, after many doctors told me that I wouldn't be able to play again in my life that I realized the most important thing for me is to create. Trumpet is not the most important thing. I can take a camera and create a beautiful photo or paint a picture or write a poem. Creating is most important for me. The songs from the CD are an attempt to paint a picture with music of a real life experience called cancer. For example, the song "No Way Out of This" is an effort to describe through music the feeling of being trapped in a body that is dying even though the mind is healthy. I had that feeling for the first time laying in the hospital around 3am watching it snow outside and thinking about my situation in the fall of 1991. I guess for a while, I felt panic and wanted to escape. But, that was crazy cause there was no way to escape. I had to face the situation eyeball to eyeball and fight. When we play this tune, of course, I communicate this story to the band and ask them to imagine also being in that situation. Sometimes as a group we can successfully (as a group) project that feeling through the music. Sometimes we can't. It's all about creating.....

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

January 13, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

Morgan's first concert of the new decade (Jan 13) will be as a member of the spectacular Umezu-Fisher-Bennett Trio

Also at Superdeluxe (Jan 21), this month's Morgan’s Organ will feature a live painter (Keeda) and a dancer (Ray)!


Wednesday, 13th January, 2010 ~ ~ ~ Superdeluxe, Nishi-Azabu

with special guest NEIL STALNAKER (trumpet)
The UFB3's 3rd Superdeluxe appearance will be a groovy evening of jazz/funk/ambient improvisation by 3 - make that 4 - masters of their craft.
Featuring: Kazutoki Umezu (reeds), Morgan Fisher (keyboards), Samm Bennett (drums, percussion).
Very special guest (2nd set only): Neil Stalnaker (trumpet+FX)!

Open: 7.00pm. Showtimes: 8:00pm & 9.15pm
Tickets - ¥2000 (plus 1 drink)

Reserve online here:

Artist websites:
Kazutoki Umezu (reeds)

Samm Bennett (drums, percussion)

Neil Stalnaker (trumpet)